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Discussion in 'Stability' started by oldsalt1, Dec 6, 2007.

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    Hi again

    Hi all again, Kaixo Guillermo Ingeniaria. Im back home after a couple of sea-days. Going on with the topic .....

    I see the discussion about removing that mast still remains alive. In my opinion you'd better run the numbers before removing anything. Stability and rolling motion are only the most evident effects to take into account. But there are some other problems wich could result from those works. The structure of the ship (mainly superstructures of the ship), weldings, reinforcements, etc .... are designed for calculated dinamical efforts. You know that reducing the GMo, results on faster rolling motion, wich means higher accelerations of the movements of the ship. It will finally involve an increment in the dinamicall efforts wich may, or not, overload the structures of the ship.
    About your question on stability systems .... What kind of stabilizators ? Static? Dinamic ???

    In my opinion, everything can be done. But speaking about ships, there are only two ways for working, well and bad, there are no halveways.

    I'd check for ---> New rolling period (confort, operational capacity), new rolling accelerations, new structural efforts, price of the works, advantages of the modifications. Some simple enginering at all.

    Ok, best regards for you all and a very nice new year.

    Zorionak Guillermo.
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    I decided on keeping the mast. It seems that opinions were almost split, but I could not see a sufficient advantage by removing the existing setup. Therefore, all rigging (standing and running) is being replaced with a new steadying sail fitted.

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    I am not sure that it is has a positive effect since the boat weighs about 77,000. I also thought it may have a negative effect since it is so very high on the vessel and rather than aluminum or composite, it is quite heavy being constructed of steel.

    What you have describes is probably 500lbs at most.

    Removing it wont even be noticed.

    BUT as it will substantially reduce your air hight , transit in the ICW will be much quicker and far less hassles if you can get down to about 20ft.

    After cruising with our MS with an air hight of 54ft , our lobster boat style cruiser at 10.5 has been a HUGE pleasure!

    One advantage of the "Dark Side".

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