Remodeling Hull

Discussion in 'Software' started by Botho, Oct 30, 2015.

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    tansl, well what other applicaion do you mean? there are other NURBS programms but its always the same principle. I know of no other way to get a digital fair hullform
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    When I need faithfully reproduce an existing lines plan I use mainly AutoCAD and many people use Rhino.
    Maxsurf problem is that the surfaces modeling tools available to the user are very limited. Once the model is created, as naval CAD tool, Maxsurf is excellent.
  3. Botho
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    After modelling the whole day, I've got something that looks promising, but it is not yet faired.

    I've got quite a lot of control points. I don't like that but to get the lines equally i had to insert more and more lines.

    PAR I have found out that the transom is indeed simply of cylindrical shape. The buttocks on the transom on the drawing run parallel.

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    Botho your new model is coming along nicely. I would suggest you look at the longitudinal stiffness as the higher the stiffness the easier it is to fair the points for the surface, also keep the points neat so they flow across the model. I also noticed that you used Bspline instead of nurbs, nurbs will give you a few more options on curves using the weighting to increase or decrease the curve of the surface at certain points, there by reducing the need for extra points. Bonding, I do a normal bond to start with to get close to the shape having add points to either side of the bond point, I then un-bond and rebond with the strict tangency. The “Reverse for the stern surface “was using each surface to trim each other. The stern was rounded I use a cylinder surface to trim. Nurbs don't like shape corners along an edge, that is why it is some times better to split the surface up as it crates the extra corners.

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    I think that if you roll the toe-rail, it will soften the lines. Usually, it tilts out at the bow, slowly turning inwards as it goes aft.
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