Remaking boat cushions and have questions

Discussion in 'Materials' started by firstmate, Sep 17, 2006.

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    After losing our boat to hurricane Katrina, we bought a used boat. It's structurally sound but is dirty and nasty. I have volunteered to remake all the inside cushions and covers. (I'm hoping it will excuse me from scrubbing dirt :).) I need 3 in wide and 5 ft X 5 ft in some areas. I have found the width and depth but can't find foam that is more than 2 ft long. Does anyone have a good source you would share? Thanks from the firstmate!
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    Don't know of one in Alabama, but most suppliers here in southern Ontario can get stuff like that pretty easily. Landlubber-grade stuff doesn't always hold up in boats, so look for a marine upholstery shop- there may not be many near you, but if you can find one they'll certainly be able to get you what you need. Near here we have a dedicated foam and fibreglass shop; with judicious use of you should be able to find a similar place.
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    In 'Bama there should be several marine upholstery shops around. Matt is correct that lubber (land based) foams from the local fabric store doesn't like marine life, usually acting more like a big sponge. I've had luck with a local store called Joann Fabrics (I think they're a national chain) ordering marine grade foams and covering fabrics (vinyl). Have you tried a search for marine fabrics, upholstery, foams in 'Bama? Mail order? Joann Fabrics?

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  5. DGreenwood
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    I have used in the past (on my boat included) a foam they now market as Dri-fast made by a company called Foamex in PA. Fantastic stuff. I used two 2" sheets of different densities to produce mattresses of exceptional comfort. And by making the underside of the cover out of a material called Phifertex I have completely eliminated the damp foam and mold problem. The moisture passes right through the foam. You can even take them out and hose them off and they dry very quickly.

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