Relocating House and Starter Batteries

Discussion in 'OnBoard Electronics & Controls' started by Paul Giani, May 28, 2018.

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    2286698A-8F34-465B-9173-19223D77BA33.jpeg 63FF5A60-0DE3-460A-9CED-DFE0C5B1C5DF.jpeg 2B3E157B-3C0C-409B-BD90-1BE9F6893FEC.jpeg 7C053F16-6F7C-479F-930F-D3E9F80C01B6.jpeg 4A6ED0F8-9226-47B3-B893-009BE7DBFC9D.jpeg D11CA0A7-F6DA-4A5F-8EAE-A2EA7FBB3144.jpeg E3C098C2-E842-4504-888B-800638B5648F.jpeg 95408E7C-F9A4-4232-9D61-FCD5C6DF048D.jpeg I want to relocate my four +1 house and starter batteries from the farthest most battery compartments on the port and starboard side of my 2001 Boston Whaler Outrage 28 to the large storage area under the deck hatch.

    After mounting the new battery boxes I started to wonder if thete is an ABYC code related to ventilation or proximity to my fuel filters/rubber lines. The batteries are attached to a three bank charger and a two bank solar system. I will shift 280lbs forward and more inline with the centerline. I intend to repower with heavier verados at some point in the future.

    Any facts preventing me from doing this?? Thanks in advance.
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    Probably see the ABYC code for facts.
    What you'll get here is mostly opinion, few facts...
    Common sense should rule however.
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