Reliable 200Hp engine and gearbox

Discussion in 'Propulsion' started by Tupiniquim, Mar 17, 2015.

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    Tupiniquim New Member

    Hi Guys
    Any suggestions for a 200 - 220Hp engine and gearbox to be fitted into a 33´hull, hull very simular to the daffy hull. Target speed 18 - 22Knots.
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    baeckmo Hydrodynamics

    A suggestion: take a look at the lorries you see in the streets in your region. The most frequent maker will probably have marine Engines as well, and you may then be able to find service and spares through the auto suppliers.

    One that I have good experience from in Europe for Commercial use is Iveco, and they are represented all over the globe.
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    Good advice ^. The reliable and compact Toyota commercial small and medium truck diesels are available in marinized versions too. Isuzu is another one.

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    IF its a metal hull, a truck or better industrial engine can be installed with an interigal keel cooler and dry stack exhaust.

    No marine ($$$$$$) parts to buy except what is required to adapt a marine transmission.
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