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Discussion in 'OnBoard Electronics & Controls' started by WFR, Jul 8, 2007.

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    In prep for going BWC, I'm upgrading many systems with current focus on Navigation. This means upgrading my 10 year old Raymarine system (10 years ago known as Raytheon and Autohelm).

    Initially was planning on a networked Raymarine multi-function display system to take advantage of existing equipment I could still use.

    However my research via several Internet Forums and other sources (magazines, reseller customer's reviews, etc) has uncovered numerous postings, comments, etc. of a negative nature regarding poor product reliability and lousy customer service by Raymarine. On the other hand, Furuno seems to consistently get high marks.

    While I realise you can never please everyone, and my life would be made so much easier and a hell of a lot less expensive going the Raymarine route, I've learned from personal experience it's not easy getting replacements and repairs in 3rd world locations.

    I DO NOT want this to turn into a "trashing" or "bragging" stream. Please just feedback based on your own experience or that of a fellow cruiser, with Raymarine, Furuno, or any other manufacturer that produces a comprehensive range of navigation products.

    Thanks in advance.
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