Relationship between LCB LCF LCG against trim

Discussion in 'Stability' started by SHMD, Jul 13, 2023.

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    Hello everyone. I learnt very basic knowledge about longitudinal stability and I have some doubts for this model. As you can see, I have my boat trimmed by stern for 4.4 cm. Below are my major doubts:

    1. Is LCF necessary to be in between LCB and LCG? Correct me if I am wrong, cuz '' LCF is the pivot point where the ship trim''.

    2. The ship is trimmed by stern, but why the LCB (2.631) is still slightly abaft than the LCG (2.636) ?

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    Hi SHMD, welcome to the forum. can be depends upon the hull shape.

    The difference is less than it most likely a rounding function in the software.
    Since the LCB and LCG must always be in line, otherwise it is no longer in equilibrium.
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