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    Dear All,

    The past year I bought a sailin boat in Nederland, where strangely the boat doesn’t need registration. This year I decided to register the boat because I will sail around Europe and I believe the registration will be helpful. I asked experts (“Brunsmann”) to do this job, since I am not Dutch, didn’t speak Dutch and understand nothing from the Dutch administration. At the beginning they say this is not a problem, but after 4 months they still have not do the job. Today I stoped working with them and canceled all the procedure.

    Could somebody help me with advice how to register this boat? I am European citizen, but living in Switzerland.

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    This may help: In the great State of Florida, you produce proof that you purchased or built the boat(bill of sale, materials receipts) and get a Title of Ownership. With this to register will be easier. Good luck.
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