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Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by Justin Mazzola, Oct 12, 2020.

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    Justin Mazzola New Member

    Hey everybody I’m new to boating. I’m looking to purchase an aluminum boat with gas engine around 11.5 from Craigslist in California. Guy said it’s a sears sea king 11.5ft, never had a title never been registered. Going to ask if there’s a HIN. Has no CA registration number on either said either so not sure what to do is it possible to get registered without a huge hassle. Is it even possible it never had a title in the first place because of age or something? Thanks a lot I really need the advice
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    Look on transom for HIN.

    At twelve feet it doesn't need to be registered in California.

    UNLESS it has a motor. Then needs registration regardless of length.

    If using on inland water (not ocean) then needs invasive species sticker as well.
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    If it is a Sears Sea King it may be too old to have an HIN. That regulation went into affect in 1972. If it has never been registered you may have some issues registering it and obtaining a title. But make sure you get a bill of sale. It doesn't have to be fancy but to register it you need one, and it must state what you paid for it. California bases their tax on the boats value, as do most states.

    PS: if it doesn't have an HIN, California will assign one which you then need to put on the transom and some where else on the boat in a less than obvious location
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