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Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by jonmartins, Jul 8, 2010.

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    Good day guys...

    I'm about finished re-building my 32ft yacht here in New Zealand ( and ohhh boy, hasn't that been a long haul). Now I am trying to find what is the easiest way to register my yacht so I can eventually go off-shore...

    Unfortunately I can't register it here in NZ because my citizenship is from Brazil... and I also can't register it in Brazil because the yacht isn't there to be inspected...

    Since the yacht was never really "finished" an unfinished vessel it is assumed that I practically "built" the yacht... if it comes to paperwork stuff of course...

    It isn't enough the whole ordeal we have to put ourselves through to get our dream vessels floating but we also have to overcome all this slime of our world government's bureaucracy... if one wants to be free, one will still need to be tagged and numbered...

    I sincerely would appreciate any comments regarding an easy and perhaps cheap way to be able to register a yacht overseas...


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    Hi Jon,

    You could register the vessel in Madeira (Portugal) and get the survey done by one of the recognized classification societies.

    I would suggest you to contact Rinave in Portugal. It is the national classification society very familiar with the process and that now belongs to Bureau Veritas group (thus you might eventually have Bureau Veritas inspecting the boat locally).

    I'm not saying it is the best solution but a possible one.

  3. apex1

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    Register in Delaware US,

    then sail her home and change register if you need to fly your home flag. No need to pay for classification when used by yourself. (assumed it is "technically" a homebuild)

  4. RAraujo
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    I was not talking about classification!

    Jon was talking about not being able to register the vessel because it could not be inspected.

    Besides classification itself CS also provide inspection services on behalf of the flag administrations for recreational craft.

    Do Delaware allow for registration of boats for foreigners non-resident? Does the boat need some type of inspection? If not one can register a boat that not even exists...


    Being a New Zealand resident can't you register the boat under New Zealand flag?

    Registering in EC you still have the problem with EC Declaration of Conformity which can be surpassed being a self construction...

  5. apex1

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    You don´t have that problem in the EU with a homebuilt! And there is no inspection too. But you MUST be a EU resident to register under EU flags.

    Though the rules are a bit different from country to country, in general they are almost equal.

    When you can bear to fly the stars and stripes, register in Delaware. (don´t ask how please, there is a official website that goes deep into it)

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