Regarding Resistance functions of Freeship

Discussion in 'Software' started by D.H. LEE, Apr 17, 2016.

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    If you know freeship program, you know also that there are many methods for calculating resistance as follows;

    * Delft yacht series or Holtrop-88 for sea ships
    * KAPER for canoe and kayacks
    * Holtrop-1988(84) method for sea ships
    * Method Hollenbach-1998 for cargo ships
    * Methods for small displacement ships
    * Method Fung_Leibman-1995 for naval ships
    * OCT 5.0181-75 and other for displacement ships
    * Methods for round bilge highspeed ships
    * Calculation for pre-planing and planing ships
    * Methods for multihull ships

    But, explanation for above function lacks a lot. Of course, i know that there are explanations for some function in user manual. Also, I know some of the above functions. But it is not enough.
    So, i want to know more detail explanation for the above functions such as purpose, apply scope,..., ship kind, etc. I know it is hard to reply, but many user want it. Please sir.
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    Hi D.H.LEE,
    Likely this link will help you - <http: //>
    Google can make translation on English. There are explanations about Program complex FREE! Ship Plus and References to calculate the propulsion.
    If it not enough then is necessary to contact with author of program Viktor Timoshenko on e-mail in Contacts.
    NA Razmik Baharyan
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