Refurb wood deck on aluminum boat

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    I have a ’69 MirroCraft aluminum 12’ utility boat that has a 4ft square wood deck bow (not taking the bow curvature into account) and stern leaving a 4ft open section in the middle. The boat is used for freshwater fishing and has one seat mount in each deck section. The deck appears to be ¾” ply and is covered with at least 2 layers of carpet. The side mount beams appear to be about 2”x2” and are held to the sides with screws. The supports under the ply for the front piece are planks about ¾” thick by 2” wide. For the aft deck, they are about ¾” by 1 ½ “.
    I want to replace the wood as it is old and splintered. In this situation, I will use marine grade ¾” plywood and will epoxy or polyurethane seal the wood. I don’t plan on initially carpet covering it but may later. (Hooks keep sticking in the carpet). I want to use redwood for the understructure/braces/beams also epoxy or polyurethane coated. Considering the wood isn’t exposed to water or the elements and the length is less than 4 feet, would redwood be okay? Any other ideas?
    As for the aluminum, it is painted but I plan on stripping it and going bare outside and maybe a clear coat polyurethane on the inside.
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    You might consider posting your question in the Wooden Boats forum.

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