refinishing cabin sole w/2 part coating

Discussion in 'Materials' started by pro from dover, Feb 21, 2012.

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    I'm going to be refinishing a cabin sole with Awl Bright. I'm hoping 2 coats will be enough as there is all ready a lot of material on them ie: the grain is well filled. I think they have Awl Grip clear on them now. Will be applying by brush with a light scuff between coats. Questions are
    1. should I wet sand between coats ? what grit?
    2. doing this in a not so clean shop and am expecting some dust in the final coat and am looking for superior high gloss so thinking of buffing after final coat. what finishing material should I use and with what type of buffing pad. should I wet sand by hand before buffing? what grit ? I have a Hitachi 7" sander/polisher 1400-3400 RPM. Sanding will be with a Festool 6" RO.
    3. a few dings here and there will fill w/ West 207-105 however some of the sides are almost bare and some sides are being cut back to bare for better fit, also, there are some new margin pieces being milled, 1" wide. thinking epoxy sealing all bare wood but West is so thick and removing amine blush is a hassle any other options? Mas Epoxy? not really looking to fill the grain on sides and edges, and they will get a Awl Bright coat for a final, but the tops of the new margin pieces will of course need to be well filled to match the boards. these are solid teak and holly floorboards from a Hinckley sailboat
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    No sanding .....two parts can be applied wet on wet. Prepare the surface, one roll brush one coat in morning, roll brush another in afternoon , then one more coat next morning, one more coat aftenoon. You now have 4 coats but the finish is not good so carefully with fine sandpaper to flatten out all dust and remove brush strokes. DOUBLE CHECK NO SAND OVERCOATING TIMES

    Wash off your entire work area and surface with soap and water then applie a finish coat with best craftsmanship.

    I dont like BRIGHT floors and final coat semigloss.

    Double check with awlgrip, but the standard way to get a dust free finish coat on horizontal surfaces is to add COLD CURE to speed up the dry. Dust that settle on a wet surface turns into mountains...dust that settle on a SKINNED OVER surface stays on the surface, does not create paint mountains and wears away in a week of use.
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