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    Any one have any opinions on Karl Stambaughs line of redwing designs.
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    A quick newsgroup search using google resulted in a couple of threads in which were somewhat on topic:

    From: Bruce Given (
    Subject: Re: Wooden Boat's Redwing
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    Date: 1997/11/14

    I have seen several Redwing constructions and by far the best was done by M.W. Lowery around 1996 in Tilghman, MD. Mr. Lowery has a wonderful and proper small boat shop and his work is excellent in every respect. Only problem as I remember is that his wife would very much like to see him retire and I'm not too sure what his current level of activity is. Marc Pettingill, a boat builder in Chesapeake, VA, and the daddy of Sweet dreams (solo canoe), has a good feel for what Redwing should look like and he has the talent/tools/physical plant to build one. Karl Stambaugh now has a couple of expanded versions of Redwing and at last month's MASCF I discussed with him the possibility of a slightly smaller version-- he told me I should have little trouble in reducing the LOA to 16' without gross distortion to the design as a whole.


    Date: 1998/10/30

    >Now, my question is as follows: Does anybody have first-hand experience with building/using Karl Stambaugh's Redwing design?

    For a good review of this boat, see issue #1 or 2 of Mike O'Brien's fine publication, _Boat Design Quarterly_. A couple of years ago I watched a Redwing take shape in the yard of M.W.Lowery located in Tilghman, MD and this craft is even more fair and lovely in life than depicted in any of her drawings. A photo of this construction by Lowery was featured in WoodenBoat about a year ago. If my shop was not a tad too small for comfortable construction of 18 footers, I'd have a Redwing now. Karl Stambaugh told me Lowery's boat now lives quite close to him (K.S.) and he has even enjoyed a short cruise on her -- he is very pleased with her performance.

    Bruce in VaBeach


    From: DLewis0163 (
    Subject: Re: Any info on CMD Boats "Redwing 26"?
    Date: 2000/10/06

    I am building the Redwing 18 (actually 18'6"). I am very satisfied with the design, the plans, and the support. I can't say enough about how gracious Karl Stambaugh is to answer every question in detail. He is always available by phone. BTW, my boat is just about ready to receive her Interlux bottom paint and then be righted.
    Don Lewis


    From: Larry Feeney (
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    Subject: Re: Redwing 18
    Date: 2000/11/22

    On 22 Nov 2000 21:42:58 GMT, (DLewis0163) wrote:
    >Looking for other builders of this craft. Please contact me.
    >Don Lewis

    There are at least a couple electric versions of this boat under construction by people involved in the Yahoo Electric Boats Group: Check out the archive. One of the boats is being professionaly built and has been stretched to 20' in collaboration with Mr. Stambaugh. It will apparently be powered with one of the Ray electic outboards.

    Larry Feeney
    Bellingham, WA


    From: DLewis0163 (
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    Subject: Re: First timer questions!
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    Date: 2000/12/06

    I recommend you go to the Chesapeake Marine Design website. Karl Stambaugh is a skilled Naval Architect who designed the Redwing 18 I am currently building. As a person who has build two flying airplanes and a coal-fired 1000 pound locomotive, I can tell you that the money you spend on good plans from a person who will answer some questions is well worth it.
    Don Lewis

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