Redoing floor what material??

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by BOOBOO7353, Feb 5, 2010.

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    Hey guys! I am currently stripping my floor out of my aluminum hull bass boat. It currently has 1/2" wood flooring with carpet that is some what spongey but i am just ready to replace it. Heres my question. I want something that will be strong enough to support me and not break after a little wear but i want something very light weight. My boat is not very fast it only has a 25hp motor on it but thats because of the lake i fish mainly. So i want to try and make it a little quicker by deleting some weight
    Thanks in advance
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    Whatever you replace it with will probably not save much weight. You might try slats of something instead of solid ply. You are getting rid of weight just by getting rid of the spongy, watersoaked wood. Leave the carpet off the new floor, it invites rot. A little sand in the paint (latex porch and floor enamel) will make non-skid. The new kind of treated plywood will corrode aluminum, don't use it. If you do, isolate it from the hull with rubber or something.
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    Very timely! I will be getting my new/old Sylvan home soon and the sole is in bad shape.

    I was thinking of replacing the plywood and installing scuppers - I like scuppers - better to have a wave drain out the back than end up in the bilge - but I REALLY like duckboards and being able to see beneath the floor. No point in doing scuppers with duckboard decking LOL!

    Still undecided .....

  4. BOOBOO7353
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    I am wanting to get away from wood like mayber aluminum or expanded metal or some kind of fiberglass material
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