Redesigning Sailboat interior

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by yooperthom, Jun 21, 2013.

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    Hi, I just started the processes of removing all the dry rotted wood and wiring from inside my 1974 Seafarer 24. Her keel and roof are solid. I love this boat except for one thing. I don't like the interior plan. Its something I could live with I guess, but I was thinking of redesigning it more like the Dana 24 or the Allegra 24. The problem is that I would need to cut out the premolded interior. I have checked the designs with scaled drawings and they seem to fit. I know this will be my last sailboat so I want it to fit my wife and I. we plan to sail the Great Lakes until my retirement (too far off), then she promised me 6 months in the Bahamas. I would like something a little more cruising and not so much weekender. Or should "I just live with it"
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    A liner can and likely does have a structural role and removing it won't necessarily be easy. A liner can serve, due to its shape, as a partial bulkhead and if so care must be taken to replace the lost support.
    I don't think I would consider going to all that trouble. Some mods can easily be done however. Some sections can be removed without too much of a problem but you have to know where to cut and where to leave well enough alone.
    Try to be clever and make changes that aren't too problematic. Less is more I think in this case.
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