recommended person, links or books to learn vacuum infusion?

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by Bullshipper, Nov 23, 2018.

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    Bullshipper Bullshipper

    Appreciate any tips you might have.
    28x10' power catamaran
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    Begin with a component you can afford to throw away.
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    There is a lot of members here who are masters in infusion. Hope they notice.
  5. KD8NPB
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    Use 1/2" [12mm] ID tubing for everything
    Buy an ultrasonic leak detector.
    Buy a handheld heat sealer and use it to make your bag pleats.
    A digital vacuum gauge placed between the vacuum on/off valve and catchpot is useful for doing a drop test to determine if you have any leaks.
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  6. fallguy
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    Does the heat sealer work for regular wet bag work? I hate pleating.

    Can perforated core be infused? I'd like to try some infusion, but mostly just on stuff I can risk.

    What media would you recommend for flat material no kerfs?

  7. KD8NPB
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    As long as the heat sealer is the proper heat rating for the bag, yes.

    Cores should be grooved and perforated.

    I don't use media. I let the material control the flow rates. As long as I keep 30 inches between the resin feed and vacuum zone always, it works out fine.

    My resin and vacuum lines are pre-made by my fiberglass company.

    Resin feed ; spiral cut hose, with a tiny amount of peel ply around it.
    Vacuum ; spiral cut hose with a 6" tail of peel ply. I was taught to pull the hose / tail end up in to the infusion bag, rather than leaving it on the part. This reduces resin waste.

    You don't want to use a ton of peel ply either, that stuff flows like crap.
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