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Discussion in 'Diesel Engines' started by vkalia, Jun 28, 2006.

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    Hi guys -

    Need your advice, as what I dont know about boats can fill tomes and tomes.

    I am putting in a new engine into a 45fot (15m) Indonesian-made wooden fishing boat (the long and sleek kind - 2m wide, 1m draft).

    The engine is a 4 cylinder, 4 stroke inline direct injection marine unit. Its continuous power ratings are: 42ps/1500rpm, 52.5ps/1800rpm and 57ps/2000 rpm. Compression ratio is 17.9:1.

    The propeller is going to be 18-20" in diameter, no more.

    I think a 2:1 gearbox would probably make the most sense, and would like to purchase a David Brown unit. For starters, are there different variants in 2:1 gearboxes from which I need to select an appropriate unit, and if so, what are the factors that will help me decide?

    Second, any other suggestions on other models I should look at?

    Third, anyone know where I might buy such a unit and have it shipped internationally? I need it in the Andaman Islands - so it will have to come into mainland India first.

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    Ask on the "Metal Boat Society" also. Join
    There are straigt drive, Drop drive & angle drive configerations.
    They are rated according to the use & length of continuious use time. Velvet drives are a dime a dozen in salvage shops, making them cheap but reliable drives.. Twin Disk has a good reputation. Some I've talked to are not fans of ZF-Hurth.
    To be clear about the reduvtion you will need to size the prop size & pitch, hull speed, hull type?displacemrnt. A hard thing to juggle for a newbe. Get help from a prop shop. Worth the money, as fuel economy, engine life & boat handling depend on correct sizing. If engine is a Detroit Diesel, then it is more critical.
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