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Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by Glenn Mause, Aug 2, 2022.

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    I am looking for some recent books on boatbuilding and would like some suggestions.

    I have „Konstruktion und Bau von Yachten“ from my universities library, which is a German book from 2008 on the general design and construction of yachts. Sadly the book doesn’t give great detail on aluminium, so I am going to order „Boatbuilding with aluminium“ by Pollard which I understand is the book to read about it.

    The issue I have with both of these books is that they’re both rather old, and I would also like to get a better understanding of more modern hull design as well as boat building. I’d also be interested in a book on Electronics, and they as well have improved a lot in recent years, and a more modern book on those (as well as plumbing etc. maybe) would be greatly appreciated.

    So, do you guys have any good recommendations on modern boatbuilding books for me?
  2. DCockey
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    How recent do you consider to be "modern"?
    What material for hull construction?
    What size boat?
    What use of boat?
    Are you new to boatbuilding?
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    Did a cursory look and a few were published in the early 2000s with updates with the original Publications in the early eighties. I.e. original data is older than me in all my books. Not sure if it's the prevalence of the internet, or the manufacturers of modern materials ownership of IP of use. But it doesn't seem like there's a lot of current literature out there.

  4. gonzo
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    I think that most boat building/design boats targeted DIYs or small yards. With most boats fabricated in larger production facilities, the market for new books is very small.
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