Recent aerospace engineering graduate looking for employment

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    College graduate who is ready to apply the engineering skills learned in school and in internships. Well educated in hydrostatics, fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, aerospace structures and composite materials. Involved in a several successful aerospace design projects. Well-informed and self educated in principles of yacht design and ABS Guide for Ocean Racing Yachts. Personally involved in sailing activities. Currently working on the first personal yacht design, 15 m. fast cruiser. Excellent CAD/CAM skills using UGS NX (I-DEAS) software. Skills include part design, assembly design, drafting, best practices, surfacing, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, fundamentals of CAM, fixed axis CAM and post building. Over 70 hrs of CAD/CAM practice.
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    Get a copy of Avation Week , there are dozens of job adds.

    Pick where you want to live.

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