rebuilding and refinishing a head/shower

Discussion in 'Materials' started by 7228sedan, Mar 10, 2014.

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    I am looking for advice on what materials to use to refinish the head in my 1972 28 ft Luhrs sedan bridge. The current configuration consist of white formica over ply which leaves much to be desired. As having a custom one piece molded glass head compartment is out of the question. What would be an appropriate material to use to refinish the plywood, and enable a head/shower compartment?
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    refinish head and shower

    If you refinish the plywood walls with a water based stain then add 2 or 3 coats of clear epoxy then the walls will be water proof. The most important part though is the floor of the shower and you have given us zero data about the floor. What is it made of? Does it have sides? do the ply walls overlap the sides? More info please.
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    The floor is composed of 2 sections. A raised ply boxed area where the toilet is located. And immediately where you enter the space, there is a glass over ply insert with a drain which acts as the shower floor. This pan has raised sides however it is quite small. My plan was to waterproof the entire area to act as a shower floor.
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    If the Formica isn't desirable, you obviously would like something other than Formica. Yet it seems you wouldn't mind a one piece fiberglass installation if you could.
    If the ply is in good shape, I would have said there are so many wood-look laminates available that you ought to consider checking them out.
    Other methods will involve a lot of labor and perhaps more maintainance.
    Investigate the idea of truck bed liner (two-part coating) for the floor. Walls could be that pebbly fiberglass or Kydex sheeting available at Lowes and Home Depot. Alternately, as said, epoxy and any color paint desired.

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    In North Carolina a lot of custom boat showers are built with formica.

    Formica vacuum bagged to plywood or foam panels, as the panels and formica are dead flat.

    Then they get installed, big fillets pulled in the corners and sprayed with 545 and top coated with awlgrip.

    My .02, having built a few showers in place... There are few things that suck worse... than painting and sanding inside a shower.

    New Formica gets my vote!
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