Rebuilding and marinizing tractor trailer

Discussion in 'DIY Marinizing' started by charlesakeem, Apr 19, 2008.

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    okay this is an idea for a catamaran to be powered by 2 400-500 hp
    diesel engines from a commercial tractor trailer.
    The proposed cat is a 70+ cat made out of steel or aly going to try and pick a metal after my idea get bombed and torn apart in my other topic

    what would go in to marinizing an engine like that.

    About me
    Competent but not extrodinary carpenter
    amateur welder and machinist
    bio diesel enthusiast
    has access to small foundry and potential to build a large one

    I also have a few good friends who have the following skills
    master carpenter
    Under water welder
    car tuner
    cement man

    and access to tons of free labour
    and some industrial machining tools that i get to use from college or have a friend machine something for me from on base

    heres a volvo 465 horse power 11,000 bucks

    heres a 525 horse power 8,900 bucks

    plenty of others here

    I admit to being pretty inexperienced but hey i'm giving my self about 5 years to learn before i build
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    You are WAY out of line on the size engine required , far far smaller would be better choice.

    If you have the vessels displacement in pounds divide by 2240 and you will have the weight in tons.

    The combined power you need is at MOST (unless you are dreaming of towing water skiers) is 5 hp per ton.

    This gives 2 1/2 hp per ton , on single engine operation , still enough for reasonable speed.

    A pair of early International DT 360 or DT 466 , non turbo , non electric injection would be OK choice , and mates I think to a SAE 2 tranny pair (Twin Disc if uoiu have the bucks).

    PBB Pro Boat builder has an article on keel cooling and dry stack exhaust on line for free , and is simplest way to marinize a commercial engine.

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    Thanks for the link will read that article then I am going to start at the beginning and work my way through I'll probably have a blaze of posts after I'm done with this
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