RCD, ELCI GFI between ABYC and ISO codes

Discussion in 'OnBoard Electronics & Controls' started by klims106, Jan 17, 2013.

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    jonr Senior Member

    We have grid-tie inverters now that can provide additional surge capacity to a shore line, but it looks like ABYC prohibits them (something about only 1 power source).

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    A point that seems to be lost on nearly everybody. There is way too little attention paid to this. I've met a few techs who have heard that loads should be balanced. I have yet to meet a regular boat yard guy that has a clue how to do it or even really understands the importance. It seems to be regarded as a nice-to-have or a purely academic objective. Nevermind that your phase voltages are 95/145 when the dryer, watermaker and salon a/c are all running.
    Just try to convince an owner to spend money to convert a 120v appliance to 240v so they can balance the load. "I did it that way so I can always find cheap replacements". "I hope so, 'cause your going to need a lot of them."
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