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    Hi everyone,
    Happy to join your forum, been a long time lurker and learned some things from it in the past.

    What may be the most relevant thing for this website is that we offer boat design commission work, with anything from new, original designs, to small modifications. Everything done in professional hull surface and solid modelling CAD software. DM on instagram or email us to work out a rate. You'll find that our rates are much lower than you'll be quoted elsewhere.

    We are a new business offering plans for flats skiffs, with intentions to branch out to other hull designs soon. The goal of the company is to provide boat designs to the public that combine high performance and purpose designed hulls with a quick and easy build process. All of our designs will be compatible with the stitch and glue build technique, using the bulkheads as mold stations to increase accuracy and building efficiency. We will offer plans of fully developed hull panels, meaning no lofting needed. This will include DXF files for CNC cutting, full sized templates that can be printed at any office supply store and combined into 4 by 8 sheets, and dimensioned plans in some cases. All designs and plans will accommodate your choice of either wood or foam core. We are very excited to share our love of boat building and make it easier than ever to have a great performing skiff without having to pay 50+k or spend all your free time for years in the garage.

    So far we have two series of skiffs, called the Flats Master series and the Spartina series. Both are classic technical poling skiff designs that have the chine below the waterline for silent, stealthy performance stalking gamefish on the flats. The FM is currently available in a 16 foot version but will soon also include a 14 and an 18. It includes a large integrated spray rail and reverse chine. The Spartina series is intended for the first time builder and those that want a super easy build process with simple 4 panel hulls. It is currently available in a 16 ft and two 18 foot versions (one narrow glades style skiff and one wider beam). The Spartina comes with the most detailed plans you will find for such a boat, and can be ready for paint in as little as 50 hours if you have some basic construction experience. Also in the early stages of development are a couple of unique skiff designs for a river runner skiff and a series of small deeper v lake skiffs for the freshwater guys.

    Check out our website at Rocky Creek Boat Designs https://rockycreekboatdesigns.com/ for more details and skiff specs.

    Also please follow us on instagram at Login • Instagram https://www.instagram.com/rcb___designs/

    I am currently building a Spartina 18 Pusherman version to be my personal boat and to create content to help future plans builders.

    PM me with questions, I'm happy to give out my personal phone number to those buying plans.

    Flats master 16 and 14 bottom view


    Flats master 16 render


    Flats master bulkheads installed on 2 by 6's. Fully developed hull panels can then be mounted on it. This combines the accuracy of a strongback-jig build with the ease of an upright stitch and glue build.


    The spartina series

    Spartina 16 with bulkheads and stringers shown.

    My personal pusherman 18 build currently underway, building it bare bones with meranti plywood and epoxy.
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