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    Hi there, first post, hope this is the right section:

    anyway, I've been tasked with designing a radio-controlled boat for use on canals/small streams.

    The problem is, it should be able to be held in a specified location using motors/propellers and whatnot for however long is necessary.

    What are some of the ways this can be accomplished? Is this possible with a single propeller?

    I don't really have an idea on where to start on this.
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    You might look at the Graupner website-they used to have miniature kort nozzles and with two you could probably do it with direct RC control. It might also be possible to develop(or purchase) a GPS based controller that could do it automatically. All that is assuming you don't want to just anchor which would be the simplest solution..... and easy to implement with radio control.
    Check Graupner, Robbe

    Here is a Voith-Schneider Propulsion unit that would probably be better with a GPS interface although expensive: http://www.hobby-lobby.com/scaleaccy_2.htm
    Hobby Lobby carries a lot of neat stuff( I think they handle some Graupner and Robbe stuff) in the states but Graupner and Robbe are the world wide RC boat kings.

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