raw water pump for Isuzu C240

Discussion in 'Diesel Engines' started by DMF, Jun 18, 2006.

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    I have an Isuzu C240 year unknown, the raw water pump has died. There are no serial numbers or a brand name to identify it. Can anyone help with info to find a replacement pump or a repair kit. Thanks
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    The best thing to do is remove it and take it round your boat yards and match it up. Its got to come off for repair anyway.There is normaly some markings on the removable impellor plate.
    OR,---if you can fit a normal centrifugal pump nearby your engine and if you have a spare belt drive you could bolt on one of these pumps and never have trouble again. The only criteria being,-- the centrifugal pump is not self priming so has to be mounted under the water line. The pumps can be facing forward or aft to get the right rotation or the pumps can be bought in iether rotation. Speed of the pump can be adjusted by pulley size. You can buy belt tensioners from the car shop that run on the back of the belt for a perfect tension. Done properly this is a great way out of your problem.
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