Random Questions... Launching in About a Month!!

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by snowbirder, Apr 30, 2015.

  1. snowbirder

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    In this thread, I'll consolidate some final questions, noting issues as "solved" if I have implemented them.

    I'll make a new post for all questions.
  2. snowbirder

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    High Adhesive Paint

    I am using 3M VHB tape to attach my cabin windows.

    I have to paint the frames below the tape black in order to make the windows look right.

    So... VHB tape holds windows, mystery black paint holds VHB, primer holds mystery black paint. Boat is already primed (and topsides have topcoat done).

    Can anyone suggest a ROLL ON paint to use that will have the adhesion strength of the 2 part polyurethane paint the whole boat is painted with?
  3. snowbirder

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    High Adhesive Paint - Solved

    High Adhesive Paint-solved

    Paint supplier had rollable Imron. It arrives tomorrow.
  4. gonzo
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    What is the substrate of the painted surface, fiberglass, wood, etc.? The bond between the primer and the substrate is the weak link.
  5. snowbirder

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    Substrate below the primer is epoxy fiberglass
  6. snowbirder

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    Temporary Anchor Arrangements??

    I will not be fitting a rig or a bow tube/beam at first. These will go on last after I spend the next year or so building out the interior.

    However, I have a 1,000 nm trip coming up and will be living at anchor.

    I have an 80lbs Manson Supreme, 100ft of chain and another 200' of 3/4" rope rode.

    I also anchor with a double snubber bridle on catamarans. One line to each bow and the chain hooks attached to the chain. Each liine of the bridle has a rubber shock absorber inline, taking up the motion.

    So... in 10ft or less, all chain with snubber bridle. In more than 10', I'm into the nylon part of the rode and it becomes its own snubber. I'm a 10:1 scope kind of guy.

    I also have a manual windlass.


    I have a catamaran. long bows extending on both sides, but no trampoline and no bow tube connecting the bows.

    I have an anchor locker on centerline as well as the windlass.

    How can i, in a temporary way, but good enough for a year at anchor, Deploy and retrieve an 80lbs anchor without a bow roller?

  7. Charlyipad
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    maybe lash something stout across the opening between the hulls forward, with a small platform deck attached,made of plywood to lash the anchor to.? Y ou could mount a rubber roller to that uo on pillars. Downside is if you have to make the anchor fast before you can adjust the bridle, there could be trouble. Also I would rig up a bunch of safety lines. It is a precarious place fwd of the mast w/ no stanchions or net.

    Hope your back is in better shape than mine is.:D
  8. snowbirder

    snowbirder Previous Member

    I like the manual windlass. I like getting some exercise. ha ha

    What about just putting a line between the bow cleats with a roller in the middle of the line to hold the anchor/chain up when underway?

    And yeah... just sanding up at the bow is precarious. Very narrow. I'm thinking a safety line is in order anytime I have to go forward, which is only when anchoring and docking.

    Helm is inside the deckhouse.
  9. Charlyipad
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    Charlyipad Senior Member

    sounds like it might work. I bet there will be trouble though. Keeping it in the roller would be a challenge.

    got pics?

  10. snowbirder

    snowbirder Previous Member

    Yeah, I think you're right.

    The anchor could stay ok, but I think the chain might jump the roller a lot.

    Your idea became clear in my head. I think it's the way to go.

    Pictures... It's only empty air between the hulls at this point! lol
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