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    does anyone know what became of the rand cam diesel engine that was being developed for the military. it produces 42 hp, is 6 inch by 6 inch in size and only weighs 40 pounds. there are plenty of old articles about it on the net but nothing recent.
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    no dont about know that one
    http://dreamer3000.wordpress.com/ has listings of these interesting designs
    i was told many of these engines dont make 10k hrs but what boat engine does..
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    Present stock market value of the company shares is $.16 for a $1 share so this is a sure way to get rid of any excess money.

    The theoretical engine is beautiful in its simplicity, but theoretical engines don't work. None of the articles mention important issues like lubrication and heat transfer because that stage was never reached due to sealing problems of the 12 vanes against both the cylinder wall and the two cam profiles.

    Development of the wankel engine was hampered by the same problems but was finally solved by the addition of small cylindrical seals in the corners where radial and axial seals met.
    In the rand cam engine the vanes both rotate and move sideways while loaded with compression and combustion forces: there simply is no solution for the engineering problem.
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