rail cap and beltings

Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by Guest62110524, Jul 28, 2009.

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    Dies cut and samples done
    scale-- the belting face is 16mm, alloy 6082 T6,
    Anybody can use, i can add to order any length to 10m
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    Hi Whoosh, Looks like there's plenty of "goodness" in that belting/sponson. all the best with it from Jeff.
  3. Guest62110524

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    yes Jeff, I was going to put rebate into face to take 5/8. x1/8 ss flat, leaving it proud, and set in lanacote, fastened with c/s hex drives,
    I think I will router that in for use on the fresh water , as some of the locks have concrete breastworks etc andf the al does get scratched, it is there as a rubbing belting, not for looks
    render by bhnautika from the forums
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  4. mark775

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    The rail cap, I understand. What is the horizontal dimension and how much does the cap weigh? Can this alloy be annealed and bent? Welded?
    How does the belting fit where on a boat?

  5. Guest62110524

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    two beltings on the river boat, one down from caprail
    the other just above wl, because many locks put the boat way up high
    Both sections can be pressed, although the belting with go around without
    for the cap I draw the plan of it and press in a horizontal press, hitting every 6 inches or so enough to move it, it should be a close fit, because you wont pull it around without forming You dont need soften(anneal ) it
    the weight is 4.67 kg/m for belting and 4.56 kg/m for caprail
    when pressing I use hardwood to protect the edge
    go to faces to names thread you can see my last yacht with the caprail on
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