Raidboat Pacific Proa

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by BCowan, Sep 2, 2020.

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    Yes that's it. Obviously built with an unlimited budget. Now beginning to decay on the beach. I guess it could be 30' maybe that includes the bow sprit. If sailing with a crew especially the tacking proa seems to make more sense to me than all the shunting and extra rudder, etc. Just hike out a bit or ad some water to the ama. IMG_20200930_193141318_HDR.jpg IMG_20200930_193204196_HDR.jpg
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    There were some really nice drone videos of it sailing but I can't seem to track them down at the moment.

    ETA - just after I typed that I found one:

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    Why do you say this was an unlimited budget?
    Everything seems to be fairly simple elements, including the rig.
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    I'm new to this forum and a little late to the thread but I do have some experience with the EC and proas; almost got proas banned from the EC by Chief some 14 or so years ago. Duckworks Magazine - A Proa Perspective - Matters of Balance Here's my take on the deal. Do it.
    Keep it simple, keep it light and please plan on multiple trials and test before the EC no matter what. I will say that I never regretted the 3/4" T&G 12" wide bottom plank on P52. I'm a real fan of 3 plank sharpie style hulls with lots of flare. I'm also committed (some would say in more ways than one) to a buoyant leefoil based on Speers P3000 proa sections. Rigs and rudders still in a state of flux after all these years. Current proa Trivial Obsession has end mounted rudders and a cambered panel junk style staysail. There's no fire in my belly to take another run at the EC at 77 but I do miss doing the Texas 200. If the rig and rudders on T.O. trial out ok I'll build a replacement for P52 probably foam and glass, definitely a schooner rig.
    Cheers and best wishes
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    Hey I really appreciate the advice and perspective and encouragement! And I am going for it. Hopefully have a boat to launch this year. Bought my aluminum spars, got a shipment of okume panels from CLC. Ive cut panels for the ama, and just got 2 lug sails for the schooner rig already. My neighbor might do a little welding for me and I'll hopefully start building the main hull in the next month. So I have all the materials and 2 sails already! Don at Yagersails has sewn a handful of sails for me in the past and made a couple stout balanced lugsails. Schooner rig seems the way to go on a proa. Each of my sails is laser-sized about 75sqft with deep reefs. Ill post some pics here hopefully summertime and well get him rigged up and launched.

    I think I read the duckworks page a year or two ago about your EC proa, but thanks for the link again . I will heed the advice ive gotten in several places about acid testing a boat before driving to Florida. That's sounds like TX200 next and likely EC 2023.

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    With a little luck we might cross paths @ TX200, current proa's a bit small for the event but I've done crazier things before.
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