Race to Cuba on Open Beach Catamarans

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    The 2010 CUBA RUN CULTURAL EXCHANGE EVENT Key West to Cuba and BACK NOVEMBER 12 to 15, 2010

    190 miles of Open Ocean Sailing in two Legs, approx. 95.66 Nautical miles each leg.

    The CUBA RUN will be THE FIRST open ocean beach catamaran sail to Cuba and back. This is Open Ocean sailing its best. In its Inaugural year, it is expected to attract world class teams from around the USA and elsewhere.

    As Cuba is still off limits and has restrictions to free travel and other limitations for all USA Citizens, the US Treasury has made available a way to travel to Cuba on a Cultural Exchange mission such as this event.

    Individual team members and boats will need US Treasury Travel documentation. No team member or support staff will be allowed to participate in this Cultural Exchange event without the approved documentation from the US Treasury. See event rules for further information on obtaining this documentation.

    The USA start and finish line will be in Key West at the White Street Pier. The sail to Cuba will be approx. 95 nautical miles across the Florida Straights and will finish at the sea buoy marking the entrance to the Hemingway Marina. The fleet will sail into the Hemingway Marina and clear Cuban Customs and Immigration prior to pulling the boats out of the water.

    After checking into the hotel all crew-members and support staff will be asked to collect at the Hemingway Yacht Club where the Yacht Club will host a Banquette dinner. During this event awards for each class will be given out in addition to the First to Finish trophy. Please read event Rules for complete race information (Work in Progress)

    The 2010 CUBA RUN Cultural Event registration will open AUGUST 1st 2010 and end OCTOBER 1st. 2010 so there is plenty of time to plan your participation and organize the needed documentation for this very adventurous and interesting event.

    Boat trailer storage and accommodation in Key West is currently under investigation and, as can be imagined, a group of approx. 150 to 200 catamaran sailors and 75 to 100 cat trailers is not an easy task to find storage and crew housing in Key West.

    Accommodations in Cuba are currently being researched … there are two hotels located within the Marina grounds. One, The Old Man and the Sea has 140 rooms and is an excellent value for money proposition. The management of this event is currently working with this hotel to obtain group rates for the three nights stay in Cuba.

    For more detailed information on this once in a life time adventure please go to this web site:
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    There used to be a race similar to this that was done on keel boats. I think it was about 4 years ago that US customs (or Treasury I can't remember) impounded a number of boats and arrested a lot of the crews that participated. The current administration may be willing to go along with this race, but I would be very carefull before deciding to go.
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    the race over to cuba would be easy. sailing back hard tho' - most boats wouldn't fit through the metal detectors.
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