R&R Tilt motor & boot omc 800 Stringer

Discussion in 'Sterndrives' started by warrior7946, Mar 10, 2014.

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    Well I made sure all contacts were sanded & cleaned to solenoid terminals and that the battery was fully charged. I got no response from the tilt motor. I went ahead & removed the outdrive to replace the boot and the tilt motor was removed at the same time. Made it real easy for access from the transom hole. Apparently the water had reached the tilt motor. When taken apart water and slush came out of the tilt motor. I dried it all out cleaned all areas and was going to replace brushes while I had it apart. Good thing I decided to check the motor shaft because where the cut out grove is in the armature shaft there was a hair line crack starting from the cut out grove all the way up the shaft. Just thought I would pass that along. I would have reinstalled the tilt motor and most defiantly would have a failure waiting to happen. Took bottom plug from outdrive and NO water. getting closer to a water test, cant wait I am still going to inspect & most likely replace the water pump & any seals I come across. Thanks for the help will keep you posted. If I didn't invest in that repair manual I would have really regretted it made the way a lot easier.
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