quintrex toyota hybrid???

Discussion in 'Projects & Proposals' started by Aussie lad, Apr 22, 2011.

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    Aussie lad New Member

    I am considering fitting a toyota 2.8L turbo diesel 4 cyl engine to a hull on which I am undecided. I was thinking either the 4.5m quintrex fishseeker which I already own or possibly finding or building a longer timber (possibly planked) hull. Could someone give me direction in either option. Is the motor suitable for marinising? Would the turbo be of any benefit? Are there any basic timber hull designs suitable for an inboard application such as this?
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    Turbos really do not provide power till you get above 4000 rpm on a gas engine so are not efficient on a boat. Don't know about toyota diesels. Have no answers to your other questions.
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    Turbos on a diesel start working from about 1700 rpm for variable vane or about 2200 for standard turbo.

    I would think that the 2.8 tioyota motor would be to heavy and to big for a 4.5 quintrex.

    to much of a general question...you need to find a motor to suit the hull..taking into consideration the many factors of what you want to achieve or require.
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    Aussie Lad, Outboards are pretty hard to beat in small boats, you get steering propulsion & engine in the one package. If your deadset keen maybe something like this with skeg & rudder added http://www.bowdidgemarinedesigns.com/Bowdidge_Marine_Designs_1/Bosuns_Mate_23.html with appropriate input from the designer... still hard to top the outboard though! Terry Quantrill(one of founders of Quintrex) was a pretty cluey bloke to follow the outboard path with the alu boat. Regards from Jeff
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