Quidnic shanty tiny house boat

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    As for building a FC hull, you might consider a method where a female mold is prepared and finished and that is used to produce a fair hull. Instead of plastering over a steel armature you press pre-bent steel into the cement, which is then covered with the next thin layer of concrete and the hull thickness built up accordingly. Since this method was invented (in the 70s IIRC) there have been a number of relatively inexpensive CNC machines to precisely bend wire, which like wood has spring back, and likely even home-brew designs for less expensive still, that would improve on the method by allowing larger sections of welded mesh to be formed in advance for just below the surface of the matrix, which would help prevent crack propagation, rather than press wire into the outermost cement and hoping for the best. Bending long structural rods may be beyond any such machine that is remotely affordable but if you've the shape in advance these could be hammered into shape for where they need to be placed.

    Also, since corrosion for the sealed steel may still be a problem has anyone who might know ever read something about degaussing the steel armature? Seems like it would solve many potential problems. Especially is periodic degaussing were possible by leaving connections on the inside of the hull available.
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