Quick question for anyone currently, or recently, on the MacNaughton course

Discussion in 'Education' started by JonH, Feb 14, 2006.

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    All I can say is wow! Thanks Davidj, you've really provided me (I'm sure all of us) with some real insight. Allthough I am a "boat guy", I feel I could gain a better education in the class room where questions are answered right then and not via e-mail.
    What school are you going to now and how do you like it?
    Thanks alot and good luck!
  2. DavidJ
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    I am currently attending the Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland(MI). http://www.mi.mun.ca/ It is a three year diploma program though they are in the process of trying to get it approved as a degree program. It will not qualify me to become a professional engineer, but it does have many options for further study if things like that are important to you. I am enjoying the program a lot, however, most of the first year is spent on less interesting basic science and engineering courses. When I decided to go back to school I looked at every option, but mostly at the Landing School and MI. The Landing school is much more expensive, but I figured the price would be similar for both when you add the cost of living for an extra two years. Throw in two years less pay and the Landing school starts to sound like a deal.
    The reason I went with MI was I felt it gave me more career options. It is fully accredited, respected throughout North America, and things like 97% of the Marine inspectors for Transport Canada(cushy gov't job) are grads of the program. I don't mind the idea of working on tug boats, destoyers, or cruise ships as a day job while I try to design yachts on the side.

    The only trouble I am having now is with the weather. I am from Victoria on Canada's west coast which has the mildest weather in the country. It snows about one or two days a year, we all take the day off, and it melts by noon. Now I am in St.John's on the extreme east coast where it gets the most snow in the Country. I look out my window and see 20 foot snow piles and I sure get homesick.

    The boat building repair course I took was Quadrant Marine. http://www.quadrantmarine.com/ The design instructor there is Paul Gartside http://www.gartsideboats.com/ , who is very well known among the home building crowd(he writes occasionally for wooden boat and teaches at their wooden boat school). Ironically, the Chair of the Naval Arch. program at MI is Paul's former brother in law. Small world.
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    I know its been awhile, but I've decided to try The landing school. It might be kinda difficult to get into, but I'll do what I have to. The classroom type education is the most important aspect for me. Thanks for everyones input on the subject, very helpful.
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    Sorry, I am new and still confused on wther to choose YDS or Westlawn for long distant learning........ I would kindly ask for this comparision on which is easier to understand and learn quicker?

    Which school will be more up to the minute and give us more time to do the module?I work and travel just abit but worry alot.

    I have a design desk hand made in red given by a canadian guy as a farewell present...... I intent to use it.

    Pls help...... and thanks for the info.


  5. Mayfly

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    I would suggest if the YDS member dont answer it mean westlawn is the choice if u have the cash.
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