quick catamaran design question

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by bob fisher, May 24, 2006.

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    Your professor is right, ur Froude number seems to above 0.95, for all vessel above this froude number has to be Hard chine one..

    Now ur displacement seems to be ok, well but to get 0.68 on a hard chine seems to impossible.

    How did u do decide ur demi hull breadth? did u use the sepeartion ratio? or just fixed it like that
    well u can reduce ur cb if u go for more hull breadth and increaed length. for 500 passenger ship 40 looks a little small may be 45 ot 46 might help?

    Have u already disigned the G.A?

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    rkpshenoy student

    As i told you i chose it arbitrarily because i found a paper on resistance optimization for cat hulls which gives optimised values for the dimensions.
    How can i adjust it to the design.
    As for the GA i have just made a preliminary GA based on already existing design.

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