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Discussion in 'Education' started by Stu waring, Feb 5, 2004.

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    Thanks guys
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    Maths was never one of my strong points and it was almost twenty years since I did any at school. I found the maths involved in module 1 (in fact throughout the course so far) to be pretty basic stuff. I too was concerned about my maths ability prior to starting the course - no need to be. And the course material provides any info you might need - I wouldn't bother with studying a whole bunch of other material.
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    Westlawn Forum Now Active

    I wanted to let any Westlawn students that frequent this forum know that the new and much improved student forum on the Westlawn site is finally active. Most students should have received material in the mail by now on how to log in. If you have not, please contact me and I will email you instructions on how to do this the first time. This forum is for students and alumni of Westlawn only.

    For those of you who are not students and have questions about the school, I still check this site weekly for questions. You can ask them publicly in the forum or as most do, you can send them directly to me.

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    Hi Stu

    I recently received info relating to the Westlawn course. I wonderd if potential students should study CAD prior to enrolling as a student or can Westlawn provide the tools and training as the course develops?
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    Professional recognition

    You might like to state what professional recognition you get with this course. What memeberships and grade of membership for prof. societies. And whether you are negotioating with any of the Prof. bodies for better recognition of your course.


  6. Stu waring
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    It is a good idea to start to learn AutoCAD if you are interested in our course as it is now pretty much a standard in the industry. We do not teach the actual program, students have to learn it on their own. We suggest a local community college course as the best solution. Students are not expected to know it before they start the program. We give students plenty of time and opportunity to implement it into their drawings at their own speed long before they are required to submit lessons completely in CAD.

    Our professional recognition is outlined on our website:
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