Question: Hybrid/solar re: 55' displacement hull motor vessel

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Phlip777, May 7, 2013.

  1. John Kane
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    Could someone please tell me what the cost would be to generate 1kwh of power from a generator as an estimate
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    That depends on the generator unit and the fraction of it's rated output it's operating at, and the price of fuel. Here's a link to a chart I found: I have no idea what it's based on nor how current the data is.
  3. John Kane
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    Daiquiri I didn't know you could delete hopefully that is better
  4. El_Guero

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    That is only fuel consumption.

    I estimate life cycle costs at 2 to 4 times fuel cost, until I get someone in that industry to give me better data.
  5. CBD Boat Design
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    Hybrid conversion

    First questions for a hybrid conversion project:
    What speed do you want to do?
    What autonomy do you need?
    Which are the speed of the boat with old engines?
    What is the operational zone of the boat?
    What is the modification project budget?

    If you clear all this I can advise as volunteers.

    Custom Boats Design.
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    FAST FRED Senior Member

    The use of solar or wind and a big battery bank is best for powering the vessel systems when the main engine and noisemaker are shut down.

    The ability to live aboard a stench free , noise free vessel at anchor is worth the added expense.

    The best way to propel a vessel with a battery is to use it to start a proper sized diesel engine.

  7. klims106
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    It all depend how you want to use your boat and for what purpose as well as what is your budget.
    If the boat you are considering was powered by twin 180Hp and you want to maintain its original top speed you will need 2x134 kW of power. For electric motor capable to operate in this range checkout using UQM motors.
    Now comes the question for how long and where will you get this power from?
    As you mentioned the solar panel will give you 10 kW. That's 1/25th of the top power required at top speed. So it most likely will allow you to move the boat between 1 and 3 knots in full sun unless you have either storage (aka batteries) or alternate source of power (aka generator). Your generator rated at 20 kw will increase the speed to 4-5 knots maybe.

    So now the question is what kind of compromise are you willing to live with???

    As suggested elsewhere on this forum, get a hold of Nigel Calder articles about is experiment with Hybrid solutions. It is fairly well researched and complete.

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