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Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by guzzis3, Feb 25, 2012.

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    I am asking this here because if you choose to answer it might avoid the same question over and over. If you prefer we can take this to email.

    What do you see as the problems with a 30' version of the wizard/sango idea ?

    My perfect boat is a cat with a full size double (5'6"X6'6"), a galley, decent heads area and the ability to coastal cruise the east coast and potentially around australia. Mooring is a problem, otherwise gypsy would be perfect.

    I know sango could probably do it, but I wonder if a 30'ish version would be possible ?

    I was thinking as I said previously about larger cabins built very light (foam) that nest in the hulls when folded.

    Also I note sango is listed with a foam option. Can it be built entirely in foam or is there still ply in the construction ?

    Thank you very much for your time.
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    I have sketched a 28ft Sango to be built in foam sandwich, a size that I thought was the biggest sensible to trail and rig without assistance. It does have a double bunk/dinette/galley as Gypsy in the cuddy with full headroom. And removable cabin tops that fit either in the hulls or across the cockpit when trailing

    I drew it some years ago but had no positive response, although it has been on my website on the New Designs page. So I moved on to other designs that were more popular.

    Basically I would want a couple of orders to finalise the design and even then that wouldn't be until the end of the year as I am too busy with other projects

    Richard Woods of Woods Designs
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    Well if there is interest I'd certainly be interested in a set of plans, depending on cost of course :)

    All this talk of folding catamarans had me revisiting the problem and I've had a bit of an idea, but I'm still thinking about it. I am pretty sure I've not seem anyone else try something quite the same. It does of course have problems, they all do, but it might make a big trailerable cat with gypsy like accommodations feasible.

    The idea is a cross between a farrier and sango. Rather than rotate the hulls you use twin beams, one atop the other pivoting like a car's wishbone suspension. The idea is as the hulls are drawn together on the trailer the center platform rises out of the way.

    Obviously it has the rig problem, although Mr Farriers transverse intermediate stays mounted to a level inline with the mast base seems to work well, along with gin pole and winch.

    It also has the complex trailer problem and both sliding beam and swing wing trailers present issues.

    It shouldn't bee too expensive or difficult to get the geometry right. It could be much cruder than the farrier aluminum arms for example, although harder than sango. It would encroach somewhat into the hulls but only at the main structural frames, the main problem being at the mast beam and frame, and there would be plenty left for doorways.

    Thing is if it were done right you'd have a full blown cruising cat with all the privacy, space, nice sailing, that can be folded up onto a road legal trailer to store at home. Not for everyone. I wouldn't want to trail it 100's of miles nor set it up for a days sailing, but many people like myself live only a few miles from a boat ramp, and with marinas running upwards of $6k a year and swing moorings and hardstands difficult or impossible to get....

    Anyway..I might have a play on the computer. There are some advantages to working as a design draftsman :)

    BTW my name is Damian, I used to participate on the multihull forum. Just so you know who is asking silly questions. :)

    Thank you very much for your reply.

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    "Folding Fever", I like it!
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