Question for experienced boat owners - 1983 pacific sea craft

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by ashtwk, Dec 5, 2012.

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    I recently inherited a 27 foot 1983 pacific sea craft from a deceased relative, and know absolutely nothing about boats etc. I was looking for any information that anybody has about this boat, the quality, value, etc. Is this type of boat worth trying to sell even in bad shape, or would it be something to donate? I will be having a broker check the boat out, as I am across the country with a new baby and am unable to check it out myself. If anyone has any information or is familiar with these boats in all conditions as I am unsure of the condition, please let me know. I am sorry for such a vague post, but I figured this seemed like a pretty good place to find some information out. Thanks in advance.
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    Have a look at Flika...a very popular little cruiser, if you can keep it you may get to love it.
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    ashtwk, Pacific Seacraft is a well regarded American builder. Call the company, which has recently moved to Florida and is under new management. Ask them for the names of brokers which specialize in old Seacrafts- there are a couple at least. The boat is not one to donate. Unlike 98% of them, it is worth something no matter how bad it's been let go. There are people who specialize in fixxing up and flipping these boats. There is enough demand that this is usually not done on spec, but for specific clients.

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    Pacific Seacraft is now located in Washington, NC
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