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Quality silicon bronze fasteners from Yushung

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by bronzefasteners, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. bronzefasteners

    bronzefasteners Previous Member

    Yushung specialize in manufacturing many silicon bronze fasteners and try to
    meet your one-stop purchase.
    Main products are as follows:
    Silicon bronze bolt
    Silicon bronze nut
    Silicon bronze Screw
    Silicon bronze washer
    Silicon bronze spring washer
    Silicon bronze threaded rod
    Silicon bronze nail,etc.

    Please visit www.yushung.com and email to info@yushung.com and let us know your need.Yushung will try to accomodate you.

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  2. bronzefasteners

    bronzefasteners Previous Member

    Fast Moving Items of Silicon Bronze Carriage Bolts

    Yushung produce C65500 high silicon bronze carriage bolts according to IFI & DIN standard,etc.
    Packing:polybag and carton
    #10-24 x 1" - 4"
    1/4-20 x 1" -12"
    5/16-18 x 1" - 12"
    3/8-16 x 1" - 12"
    1/2-13 x 1.5" - 16"
    5/8-11 x 3" - 20"

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  3. bronzefasteners

    bronzefasteners Previous Member

    Fast Moving Items of C65500 High Silicon Bronze Lag Bolts

    Yushung produce C65500 high silicon bronze lag bolts according to IFI & DIN,etc. all specs are full body,cutting thread.
    Main specifications are as folllows:
    #10 x 1" - 4"
    1/4" x 1"- 8"
    5/16" x 1 1/2" - 10"
    3/8" x 1 1/2" - 12"
    1/2" x 2" - 12"
    5/8" x 3" -12"
    3/4" x 4" - 12".
    most items are in stock to meet customers' urgent needs.

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  4. bronzefasteners

    bronzefasteners Previous Member

    Silicon Bronze Threaded Rods from Yushung

    Yushung produce silicon bronze threaded rods(C65100,C65500) according to ANSI,DIN,BS,etc.


    diameter:4mm-25mm, Length:max 6 foot

    for example:10-24 x 3' / 6'

    1/4-20 x 3' / 6'

    5/16-18 x 3' / 6'

    3/8-16 x 3' / 6'

    1/2-13 x 3' / 6'

    5/8-11 x 3' / 6'

    3/4-10 x 3' / 6'

    7/8-9 x 3' / 6'

    1-8 x 3' / 6'

    M5x0.8x1000 / 2000mm

    M6x1.0x1000 / 2000mm

    ...... ........ ........ .

    M24x3.0x1000 / 2000mm

    Manufacturing craft:rolling thread or cutting threads.

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  5. bronzefasteners

    bronzefasteners Previous Member

    Aluminium bronze bolts & Stuts & Nuts

    Yushung specialize in manufacturing C61400,C61900,C62300,C63000 aluminium bronze bolts & stuts & Nuts according to DIN,IFI,BS,etc.

    Metric size is from M3 - M36
    Inch size is from #10 - 1 1/2".

    Please visit www.yushung.com and let you know your demands.we will reply you within 24 hours after we receive your info.

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  6. bronzefasteners

    bronzefasteners Previous Member

    Phosphor Bronze Bolts & Studs & Nuts & Washers

    Phosphor Bronze fasteners are Yushung's competitive products .
    Main Material:CuSn5,CuSn6,CuSn8,CuSn10 Phosphor bronze
    Manufacturing standard:IFI,DIN,sample of drawing
    Please visit www.yushung.com and email your demands to info@yushung.com.
    You will get what you want.

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  7. bronzefasteners

    bronzefasteners Previous Member

    Beryllium Bronze fasteners from Yushung

    Yushung specialize in manufacturing many bronze fasteners including beryllium bronze fastenres which include bolt,nut,flat washer washer,spring washer,etc.
    Main types:CnBe2,CuBe1.7,CuCo2Be,CuNi2Be,etc.
    Bolt:M6 - M24
    Nut:M6 - M24
    Washer:M6 - M24.

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  8. bronzefasteners

    bronzefasteners Previous Member

    Silicon bronze belleville lockwasher

    Material:C65100 & C65500 silicon bronze
    Manufacturing Standard:DIN6796
    Hardness:more than HRB70.
    Belleville washers also called Belleville spring washes,conical spring washers and spherical spring washers,have a truncated sphere form.With a small deflection range Belleville washers provide a very high load capacity often used to solve spring problems of high loads,limited space and small deflections.
    Yushung also provides silicon bronze hex bolt to match with belleville washer.
    Please visit www.yushung.com.

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