Q: On average, how much do the pontoons alone weigh?

Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by kcleaguer, Sep 5, 2006.

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    kcleaguer New Member

    I am trying to figure out, on average, how much do the actual pontoons weigh on a pontoon boat.
    Are these about 300# each?
    I tried looking it up, but they only tell what the total boat weighs, such as #1200 or #1050.
    Thought there might be an answer here.
    Thank you for any information anyone can give me,
  2. Ike
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    Without more info no one can tell you. What are the outside dimensions? How long are they? How big in diameter are they? are they Aluminum (most are). How many chambers inside? (tells us how much structure is inside.) Do you know how thick the aluminum is?

    Have you called the manufacturer and asked them?
  3. snal
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    Based on...

    an average guage of .080...and average length of 20 feet... average diameter of 22"...and a bit added for chamber discs and splash fins....I'm coming up with 123 sq ft @ 1.15 lbs per sq ft....140-150lbs per tube. Probably closer to 200lbs+ with brackets for the deck.

    I'm a skinny feller...and me and one other skinny feller could easily carry my 24'/21" dia toons around.
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