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    We are seeking a shipyard purchasing manager.The JD as below:

    Overall responsible for purchasing department for all domestic, oversee purchase and imported procurement & related follow up, team management and building.
    1. Purchasing policy and planning
    2. Managing Purchasing information and system
    3. Managing purchasing staff managing suppliers, relationships
    4. Effective proactive liaison with other departments as necessary to forecast, plan to meet , and to supply demand to relevant quality
    5. Effective proactive liaison with other departments reporting, resourcing services as necessary, Negotiating and administration of purchasing contracts
    6. Make or buy policy evaluation and decision /recommendation
    7. Cost saving budgeting and targeting, Payment terms negotiation, optimization and management
    8. Supply chain procedure and system implementation, purchase department procedure and system improvement, auditing, various reports and statistics
    9. Ensure delivery date, can solve urgent problems to meet requirement of production.
    10. Coordinate delivery with the appointed Freight forwarder. Checks on correct transfer of goods and materials. Deal with custom procedures etc.


    -Bachelors Degree in relevant Engineering field or equivalent.
    -Minimum of 6 years experience working in a similar position , work experience in shipyard industry is preferred
    -PC literate. Strong computer skills (i.e. Microsoft Office).
    -Effective interpersonal and verbal and written communication skills. Good planner / organizer, team player.
    -Ability to interact with all levels of management.
    -Flexible attitude to work and sensitivity to business requirements.
    -Sense of dedication, attention to detail, desire to produce only the highest quality of work and an ability to consistently reach goals.
    -Excellent knowledge of written and spoken English.

    Interested parties, please file your full resume with your present package and expected package by email to pattyhuang@Triconmarine.com. We offer competitive remuneration and good career prospect to the right candidate. All information collected will be for recruitment purpose only.
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