protocols on copying someones work

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by brendan gardam, Jul 23, 2020.

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    While perhaps its sounds "unfair" the sketcher of the boat that you posted has taken the basic EXISTING boat lines and just mixed them around to create a new shape.

    As shown in Post 11, he has plagiarized/copied/stolen (perhaps unintentionally) the shape of rear opening salon doors, the forward slanting window along with the cabin shape features as well as the raised fore deck. I could see major issues then that if he had design/copyright protection on his sketch, and he decided to defend/ legally challenge any boat that has any precise shape or even general shape close to this sketch, and if he was successful, (ie if the laws of the country agreed with him) would then EXISTING companies (with similar shapes) have to enter into some type of royalty agreement with him?

    If this person's ancestors had painted the Mona Lisa, basically a picture of a women sitting on a chair, would then could they have had copyright protection for any other picture of a women in a chair?
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