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Discussion in 'Propulsion' started by ruminame, Jan 6, 2010.

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    I worked 7 years as a draftsman and engineering assistant at an electric car company, so I've paid my Greens dues. I am saying learn basic principles before opting for exotic configurations.
    Some of us actually value internal combustion for a set of reasons, not the least of which is power achieved relative to weight on board.
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    I had answered your question yesterday in a hard technical way.
    This morning message is gone

    Administrator, please look sharp, there may be a black hole in the site.
    Hope it is the last time
    To encourage you to, i will repeat it again.

    Honestly when i think to the tons of fuel i have burnt i my car and the poor efficiency of ICE compare to

    Nuclear power
    Stirling motor
    Steam Quasi turbine
    Magnet motor

    i hardly can beleive what you say about weight.
    I decided to go to electric on WINGOVER for weight reasons too.
    For a boat needing an equivalent of a 9 Hp diesel, Electric was lighter than the ICE equivalent.

    Can you show us a few numbers that prove what you say here ?
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    We are going to use normal propulsion engine would be run by oil.I am only a student of naval architecture , a amateur in this field of yacht building who is trying to learn as much as he can.So plz Guyz tell me about the basic procedure of designing propulsion & rudder system.The procedure would help me more such to design a propulsion & rudder system what are the things i should consider?????where to start from???etc
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    No mate, YOU have to show US some numbers why you think Electric propulsion weight is lower than ICE ! And you cannot, because it is impossible at present!

    STOP to drivel down every other thread with your premature nonsense!

    Your reputation status clearly shows your expertise! Though it is still too good, -200 is what you deserve.
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    Ruminame, do you have access to any books on ship or yacht design? The fundamentals will be found in such books. Check out Skene's Elements of Yacht Design, first. But don't stop there.

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    firstly you need to find the resistance of the vessel at 15 knots. Now using this find the effective power required. now calculate the brake power using that. Use this data to design the propeller parameters(use wageninger b-series propeller chart). For rudder design use NACA 0016 profile. Get help from the faculty man...
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