Proposed changes to a bulkhead! Thoughts-Warning-Shouts Appreciated.

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by wesley Sherman, Jun 18, 2021.

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    @wesley Sherman, I sincerely apologize for causing you such annoyance. There is no doubt that I have misused a word that in English can have very different connotations than it does in Spanish. I will tell you, for example, that "discussion" in English can mean a calm exchange of opinions while in Spanish a "discusiĆ³n" is usually not very "friendly". The nuances that a word can have in English escape me, no doubt. Therefore, although I cannot avoid those mistakes, I have no problem apologizing as many times as necessary. If my intention had been to annoy you, I would not apologize now as I am.
    I have not tried to belittle you by showing that you do not have certain knowledge, I only wanted, based on a post by @fallguy, which I found very pertinent, to explain why, as I see things, the existing loads had to be taken into account and that, from what I understand, if there were no hidden reason, that only the designer could know, you could do with that blessed bulkhead what you wanted. (I couldn't help the pun, don't bother with me anymore, please).
    I know that my comments can be harsh at times because of my poor use of English. I turn to Google so I can communicate with billions of people, rather than limiting myself to just a few hundred million. Neither Google nor I are able to appreciate the nuances and, since I cannot avoid cases like this one, I have no choice but to apologize when someone is not comfortable with my words.
    Excuse me for this long explanation, but my interest in having a good harmony with you, maintaining a good relationship, I think justified it. If you are able to excuse my bad manners, I will always be ready to offer my help.
    One and a thousand times more, please excuse me.
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