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Discussion in 'OnBoard Electronics & Controls' started by Nate57, Nov 27, 2016.

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    Electrical sure aint my strong suit and my brain is beginning to hurt. Any advice here very much appreciated.
    I'm driving a 32' former Bristol Bay gillnetter converted for use as a squid lightboat in So. California. Twin Cummins w/alternators and an 8D battery for each, 1 4D house battery. The house battery is not currently hooked up and neither are the two Blue Sea automatic charging relays. Also a 2KW inverter not currently hooked up. Separately I have a 30 KW genset w/breaker panel(and it's own start battery) in the fish hold for the squid lighting. Currently both start batteries run through an old style battery switch (1,2,both or off) which concerns me that dual alternators are both online. I'm thinking I should wire it with a couple "dual circuit plus" battery switches as in the attached diagram with all house DC loads running off the house battery as well as my house ac running off the inverter (with the ability to manually plug it into a breaker on the genset or shore power). Am I on the right track? [​IMG]
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    You have a fairly complex system and should hire a marine electrician to help you sort it out.
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