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    HydroComp's 3rd Annual Propeller Seminar - Contemporary Propeller Performance and Sizing Calculations - being held in Naples, Florida has received accreditation by SNAME for PE Continuing Education credits. The seminar starts January 21st and is sponsored in part by Padgett-Swann Machinery Company of Tampa, Florida. This professional development seminar is suitable for everyone with an interest in inboard propeller propulsion, including naval architects, ship operators, boat owners and builders, propeller dealers and manufacturers, engine and gear companies, port agents, and surveyors.

    One- and two-day tracks are available depending on your particular interests. The first day is where marine professionals can reacquaint themselves with the principles of marine propulsion for inboard propellers on all boat types, from large commercial ships to work boats to smaller "go-fast" boats. The second day is devoted to propeller sizing calculations for those actively involved with the selection and installation of marine propellers. Past participants have described HydroComp's seminars as a "good mix of current theory; practical examples", and many continue to participate year-after-year.

    This seminar has been accredited by SNAME for as many as 14 Professional Development Hours (PDH) for the Continuing Education requirements of Professional Engineer license renewal. (Note: not all states require CE hours for PE renewal.)

    Complete information about the 3rd Annual Propeller Seminar can be found at
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    Props Seminar

    Please send me a invitation to manila address to:
    No. 121 Valero St. Salcedo
    Village Makati City
    Philippines 1227

    Felix F. Estupa Jr. (Arees)
    Naval Architect & Marine Engineer
    Mobile No. 0917 7934561
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