Propeller position / location relative to bottom of hull

Discussion in 'Props' started by Alumination, Oct 22, 2015.

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    I've searched a bit and can find plenty of discussion on propeller height (vertical) relative to the bottom of the hull but not as much as to the horizontal location, how close to the transom.

    For discussion sake, this is on a 20' tunnel hull, single stern drive so no hull ahead of the propeller, just semi-undisturbed water.

    It occurs to me that the propeller location relative to the transom/hull bottom corner, where the boat will pivot while underway, will vary how much the propeller will be pushed down into the water as the trim angle/angle of attack of the hull increases.
    Would it be advantageous to try to get the propeller in line, horizontally, with the transom/hull bottom corner? So there is negligible change in propeller height as the angle of attack changes?
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