propeller design in rhino

Discussion in 'Software' started by pavel915, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. pavel915
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    pavel915 Senior Member

    is there any plugin to design propeller in rhino?
    please inform me if there is any.
  2. CGN
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    CGN Senior Member

    no plug in, but you can use rhino to model a propeller
  3. Steve Baer
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    Steve Baer Rhino Developer

  4. Çemberci
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    Çemberci Senior Member

    Are you close or cooperation with Propeller Casting as we
    If you give me size of propeller that you calculated.
    I will draw your model as attached file.
    Size of Propeller
    Model (Attached Çemberci File)
    Blade Number
    Oktay Çemberci
    Attached Files
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